About Us

Who We Are?

Hello there! My name is Tanisha and I am the founder and the Creative Director of Feather Your Abode an interior décor and Fengshui Consultancy firm. I am an internationally certified interior decorator and Fengshui specialist.

We use Feng Shui pragmatically to solve the complexies of life. I believe home reflects people living in it and I desire to transform the space to help harmonize and balance the overall environment.

We wish to create an exquisite interior within an affordable range. At Feather Your Abode we cater to the needs of our client wholeheartedly and strive to deliver with full zeal and dedication.

Our creative process involves listening to our client’s needs to create a perfect abode. We use Feng Shui to invite positive chi into your home so that your life feels both energized and balanced.

Our mission behind practicing Feng Shui is to help bring tranquillity, balance, and harmony in the surrounding.

We believe in creating an eternal sense of elegance for our clients. Our focus is on decorating the spaces based on how they make people feel, not just how they look. Every project is approached in a holistic way to ensure a client-driven response.

We concentrate on the aesthetics of the space–how to pair an open floor plan with complementary furniture and decor accents or create an atmosphere as per the mood with lighting or wall sconces. Our objective is to convert your dream house into reality.