Our Services

Capsule package

This package is for those who don’t want to decorate the entire property but one specific section. You can contact us on our mail i.e tanishar33@gmail.com or call / WhatsApp at 9711030858. After the complimentary consultation an appointment will be fixed where we will enquire about your preferences and discuss on your needs and budget.  We will provide a written recommendation for the décor of the place. It will include the details of the products to be procured, the placements of the products, overall look of the place and advice on colour scheme and artwork. Our recommendations can be revised based on your initial feedback.

Absolute Package

This package is for the one who desires to renovate or refurbish the complete property. You can contact us on our mail i.e tanishar33@gmail.com or call / WhatsApp at 9711030858. After the free complimentary consultation, we will visit the desired home or the commercial place to enquire about the needs and preferences and gauge the overall feel of the space. Based on your desires and needs we will prepare and submit our recommendations which will include the complete shopping list, placement of the products, and the overall setting of the house based on color schemes, lightings, art and artifacts’ etc. The recommendations can be revised based on your feedback.

If you want us to procure the products then that will be available at an extra charge

Feng Shui Consultancy

To get in touch mail us at tanishar33@gmail.com and we will revert back to you within 24 hours After the initial response, you can send your query along with the other details as required.
The consultancy charges will be Rs 1500 which will include three questions related to feng shui of your house. More than three questions an additional amount of Rs 500 will be charged per question. These questions can be in context to

  • Problems Concerning Wealth and Success
  • Problems related to Parents and Children
  • Problems Concerning Good Health
  • Problems Concerning Love, Romance and Marriage.
  • Problems Concerning  livelihood and Growth in life.
  • Problems Concerning Property , Recognition and Opulence
  • Problems Concerning Spirituality , Meditation and Inner Philosophy (Self Realization)
  • Problems Concerning Foreign Travel.
  • Any other pertinent issue which you feel important.

If you want us to do Feng Shui of your entire property then the charge is Rs 5000.