Good feng shui in your garage

Good feng shui in your garage

Garage is an essential part of our home, and the principal of Feng Shui equally applies in this area as any other part of your abode. Ideally the vehicles should be parked at a distance from the residence but in todays time at our modern houses, attached garages are a part of the design. In these circumstances the role of Feng Shui comes into play so that there is an uniform distribution of Sheng Chi (Positive Chi) which would bring its positive benefits into every part of your life. An attached Garage requires to be paid attention just the way we care for other important spaces in our home.

The primary purpose of a Garage is parking of the vehicle but now days many Garages are crowded with stuffs which we no longer require. We must get rid of these things from the house because their presence limits the flow of positive energy and as a result it transforms into a large dark yin space that does not carry Sheng chi. Door to the Garage is one of the most often used and painting it in a colour we love to see when we drive or walk into it will make us feel elated.

We should devote our attention to turning the garage into a room of its own, integrated into the story of our house. We should make it attractive by hanging a lovely piece of landscape design to warmly greet us each time we drive in. This will have a calming effect on mind. Warm lighting could increase the Yang Energy in the Garage. Lightning up the Garage will have a positive effect on the overall mood of the occupants and will make us feel welcome.

Just as every vein in the human body has a purpose similarly everything attached to our home is integral to the health and wellbeing of the inhabitants. With the proper application of Feng Shui garage can influence the overall energy of the house.

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