Decoration hacks followed by interior decorator.

Decoration hacks followed by interior decorator.

Decorating your abode doesn’t necessarily has to be a costly affair. There are many innovative ideas which are quite simple and effective when it comes to adorn your home. Look at these small decor hacks to turn your rented apartment into your dream home.

Pay attention to the smaller details – Small details can have a tremendous impact. If you don’t want to invest in larger items like flooring, furniture, or lighting, you can still transform the space with minor alterations. Plants are the best way to bring life to any given space. Corners filled with tall potted plants, window sills overflowing with vibrant flowers, hanging planters with pretty creepers, or a kitchen wall filled with a vertical herb garden are simple yet useful home decor hacks. Another easy idea is to give fixed pieces like cabinets or wardrobe a facelift by wall coverings or by changing handles of the same. Tiles stickers are an excellent way to revamp surfaces like those of the kitchen and bathroom. You could also upgrade a bathroom by swapping out old fixtures like showerheads and faucets for contemporary ones and swap them back when you leave. If you have to deal with exposed pipes, instead of trying to hide them, turn them into an artistic feature with a coat of matte black or glossy copper paint to give a luxurious industrial-chic vibe to space.

Rearrange the furniture – Sometimes there’s no need to spend money at all to give your home a fresh look and feel. It may call for a bit of effort and help to move heavy furniture around, but it’s definitely worth the trouble.Living room is a perfect place to try this idea as the sofas, armchairs, coffee tables, side tables and cabinets can be moved around easily compared to big beds or other heavy items. Decorating the home is often about achieving a new look and rearranging furniture is one of the most budget friendly ways to do it. A fresh look can make a home feel brand new.

Change the upholstery – The same old living room furniture can become boring after a while, but you don’t necessarily have to invest in a new sofa set to achieve a fresh look. Changing the upholstery or the covers is a more budget friendly way than  getting a new sofa set.

Switch the carpets – Carpets are not merely decorative but also an excellent way to make a room more cosy. Using various types of carpets in a room can create a striking effect. If there are already several carpets at home, you can just swap the carpets around—meaning take the carpet from the bedrooms and place it in the living room, and take the carpets from the living room and place it in the bedrooms.

Decorate the corridors – We often neglect the corridors and hallways of a home when it comes to decoration. Framed family photos on the wall is a pleasant way of creating a welcoming, homely atmosphere as soon as you step into the house.

Lighting – The importance of lighting in creating different moods in a room is astounding. As mentioned earlier, lighting can create a whole new effect in a room. Use a variety of different types of lighting such as spotlights, task light, wall lights,  table lamps and floor lamps to decorate the room. Spotlights are also great for highlighting artworks on the wall. 

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