Feng shui is all about creating and maintaining a good flow of energy throughout your home . Purification of environment becomes mandatory in achieving a fresh and active atmosphere. Stagnant air or stinking environment can restrict the flow of chi energy.Purification ritual is a must,wherever the environment has been affected by negative ideas,frustration or any such events that has caused sorrow and sadness.

With the few basic space clearing techiques,buoyant energy can gather in our homes while enhancing the overall happiness.

1.Declutter your home-Proper arrangement of aricles and discarding the useless is a pre-requisite for performing space clearing. A cleaned,arranged and decorated house brings fresh environment of excitement and prosperity. Orderliness on a place generates steady flow of yang energy which results in enthusiasm, activeness and confidence.Useless objects and materials lying around recklessly increase the level of negative yin- energy,which affects the residents adversely. People living in such a environment suffer from laziness and stress resulting in lack of intrest,depression,loneliness and procastination.

2.Burn incense-Energy and good luck can be attracted towards home by using incense sticks.This is a common practice for environmental purification.Purified location results in an increased energy level.This process causes a flow of auspicious ‘Sheng Chi ‘energy. It incorporates fragrance along with fire thus making it more effective.Incense has magical quality that shifts energy immediately.

3.Open windows- Sun light is responsible in energizing the environment.Natural air is alive and electric with potent life force. Outside air beckons our home to enjoy deep cleansing breath.

4.Use of raw salt -Bathing in this water cures many ailments .Salty water is capable of killing germs. Spraying it in house can prevent many diseases.Raw salt from sea is always used for purification of environment. Negative energy can be avoided by spraying salt mixed water in and around the house.

Space clearing and purification is a fundamental ritual in feng shui. This ritual is intended at making the energy flow beneficial and positive. Performing in a correct manner would ensure clean results,which would be effective the course of time.

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