Chi energy needs a clear open path throughout your home so it can bring its positive benefits. Clutter at home slows down and stagnate the energy and make you feel stuck. More clutter means depressed energy in your space which can negatively affect your personal energy and over all being. Useless objects and materials lying around recklessly increase the level of negative Yin-Energy which can strike the residents adversely . People living in such environment suffer from laziness and stress resulting in lack of interest,depression,loneliness and procrastination.

Clutter can also make you waste time and money. You will spend considerable amount of time looking for your stuff . You may can forget to pay bills and have to pay extra fees for late payments. You may even buy duplicates of the same item because you either can’t find the item in your home or you’ve forgotten that you had it already. Waste material also generates negative energy . Some people will have a fancy for collecting things of a particular kind . Such items should not be simply kept in a dump. Useful items should be retained and kept in orderly manner and the rest should be discarded immediately . Broken or cracked crockery items should also be discarded straightaway.

On the contrary, orderliness on a place generates a steady flow of Yang energy. Surrounding yourself with the items which are most valuable to you will make you feel happier, You won’t have to search through lots of items that you don’t like. Clutter free space filled with things that are loved and used regularly allows positive energy to move more efficiently.

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