An ideal balance of Yin and Yang can bring long lasting happiness and prosperity in life . None of the substance can have an absolute Yin or Yang in itself . At a given time, there can be more of Yin or a more of Yang in substance. For example, when a person rises in the morning,he has more of Yang in him whereas in the afternoon he becomes quite dull. Thus, Yin becomes prominent in him . When the sun shines over one part of the mountain, the other part is enclosed in shade; this is an ideal example of balance of Yin and Yang.

It is very essential to have a perfect balance of Yin and Yang .

Knowingly or unknowingly, man always tries to maintain this balance around him.Salty or spicy foods are of Yang nature.On eating such foods we are tempted to have some sweets,which are of Yin nature.Similarly, spicy food can be enjoyed most over sweets.This is an ideal example of human endeavor to balance Yin and Yang.This cycle of changes goes on unremittingly and is applied over seasons ,day-night and the whole of environment as well.

Yin and yang principles are applied over homes and offices too. Straight lines, sharp corners, and angles are all symbols of Yang. Curves and circular objects symbolize Yin . Curtains, circular objects, and large cushions can cause Yin effects whereas tiles, metal, and glass can make it to Yang nature. Bright colors like red, orange, yellow, violet, etc are Yang in nature.

The proper balance of Yin and Yang is crucial for achieving harmony and peace in life.

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