Placement or arrangement is an art,which lays emphasis on keeping the household items at proper places. Proper placement of objects in the house will yield optimum positive energy. Pillars, beams,doors and windows should be given due importance while the construction of houses. The wrong construction can cause physical and mental troubles. Improper shapes of household objects would adversely effect the residents. Sitting or sleeping just below a beam emits sharp energies by these objects. Sharp energy travels in a straight line at tremendous speed and thus can disturb the balance. It is always desirable to stay away from such energies .
Points to be kept in mind during construction

Pillar- Pillars are the basis of any building. They are of various shapes but  circular pillars are considered the best. Pillars having sharp edges or corners are the most undesirable as the sharp energies generated by the edges and the corners results in a flow of sha chi or a negative energy. This fact should be kept in mind while undertaking construction.
Beams- Beams are as important as pillars for a building. Beams which are merged with the walls are not harmful but a projected beam may cause imbalance in the flow of chi .
Doors- Doors are not just entrance for the people but for light,wind and energies as well. Doors define the flow and the nature of energies which flows in and out of the house . Following points should  be considered during the construction of doors.

  • Two doors facing each other are not considered auspicious
  • Stairs and pillars opposite the door is not good as well.

Windows- Windows are important for the passage of air, light and energy in a house. A house without windows would be no better than the prison . Following points to consider while construction of a a house

  • Ceilings of bedroom should not have windows or ventilators as it can effect the incoming energy. 
  • Headboard of a bed should not be ahead of a window.
  • windows behind the kitchen stove is also not desirable 
  • Sitting arrangement at office should not have a large window behind it.

Mirrors-Mirrors serve various purposes besides being used for seeing one’s reflection . Placing large mirrors gives an appearance of a double quantity of goods in a store. Mirror generates yang energy because it provides a double view of objects present. Mirrors can be placed over the entire wall,though a mirror should never be placed just in front of the main entrance as it will totally repel the incoming energy.A proper placement of mirror can result in an enhanced luminous effect. Smaller rooms will appear bigger through proper placement of mirrors.Mirrors should not be placed in the ceiling of the drawing room,such a mirror forms an inverted image and thus,would prove inauspicious.Leg side of beds should never have mirror as this would disturb the flow of energy.Broken mirrors should be immediately discarded as they reflect the energy of the directions which are not uniform.Cracked or distorted image indicates bad omen.Mirror should be placed 30 cm above the kitchen stove.This not only gives an idea of people entering the kitchen but also forms an image of food articles which symbolizes prosperity.The mirror should never form the image of the stove .Another use of mirror is to reflect the sharp energies of Sha Chi. A tree trunk,electric pole or any other sharp or pointed objects in front of the main door may cause health problems for the inmates. The harmful effect can be minimized by placing a mirror in front of the main door.
The correct location and the placement of the aforementioned items will induce a positive energy (sheng chi) for the people residing in the premises.

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